The SST was host by Hodina H from Czech republic from 4-10 october 2021.

OBJECTIVE of the Short-term staff training (SST)

  • To increase the number of adult educators able to provide ICT skills to disadvantaged people using best practices in the European Union and Cultural Heritage promotion (identified through research activities).
  • to stimulate other members of organisations dealing with disadvantaged adults to use the web platform and the training material it contains;
  • to motivate the recovery and promotion of cultural heritage through ICT.
  • to extend the materials and methodologies applied in the field of adults to other areas (e.g. VET, school…). VET, school…) or other target groups (e.g. Youth…);
  • Offer a unique opportunity to collaborate at transnational level, both face-to-face and in the before and after work before and after via Skype and other social networks.



Welcome, getting to know each other, sharing of background and realities, key topic of the “SST”, ICT tools reality and trends, practical workshops


Visit with practical workshop

Visit of Vysocina Muzeum Pelhrimov with workshop how they use ICT while presenting the local history as muzeum.

Visit with practical workshop

Visit of local Muzeum of records and curiosities and getting to know their way of promoting online and via ICT tools their work.

Social media workshop

Workshop with expert on social media and technology from local ICT company about the social media and how to use it even in the field of culture.

Canva and Tiktok

Practical workshop with theory and practical trials of canva website and application and tiktok as another social media to promote culture and cultural heritage.


Cultural programme – exploring Vysočina cultural heritage as a good practice.


Photo workshop

Workshop with teacher teaching ICT and photo and local hight school about photo, its taking and its editing together with looking at the school equipment.

Video workshop

Workshop with expert on video about easy tips for making and editing video.

Audio workshop

Workshop with expert on audio with possible use for cultural heritage as ICT promotion tool.

Branding, e-shop workshop

Other ICT tools available and usable for cultural heritage promotion as easy e-shop, gifs, branding facts and tips.


Working on outcome

Pariticipants are divided in groups and try to create ICT material in different way with different media – audio, photo, video, special features. They all are at local event. And try to get material. Later they work on the material in a post-production way so the work on the results.


Presentaiton of the results of each groups.

Evaluation and closing

Evaluation and closing of the whole training course including learning outcomes.


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