Recover Promote Cultural heritage is an international Erasmus + strategic partnership project of cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices that aims to disseminate good practices at European level through the training of trainers, who can provide digital skills, particularly in the use of social networks applied to the world of work to disadvantaged adults.


  • Staff working with adults, adult educators, disadvantaged adults
  • Representatives of organisations directly working in the field of adult education
  • Local authorities, commercial entities, labour market offices and employment centres, professionals linked to the field of adult education through, research, and information counselling
  • Trainers


  • Share and celebrate European cultural heritage.
  • To give new skills for the adult learners.
  • To exchange good practice between professionals.
  • To enhance education and training for traditional and new professions.
  • To develop educational activities for adults.
  • To raise awareness and help protect cultural heritage.
  • To promote the intergenerational learning and to create a book with all the traditions in the different countries.
  • To create a deepen cooperation and networking, on international and regional levels.
  • To observe the role and task of the adult education providers on how cultural resources are used to generate employment opportunities and income.
  • To achieve cultural and environmental conservation by contributing the economic development learning later in life.


  • Manual for trainers and training in general, containing the results of the comparative study in Europe on cultural heritage recovery, intergenerational transfer on methods of approach and teaching in the use of ICTs for disadvantaged adults and best practice.
  • Theoretical-practical training, “E-learning for adult educators about recovery and promotion of cultural heritage with ICTs” in Czech Republic.
  • National training for trainers in each partner country (5 events)
  • National activities for intergenerational promotion of Cultural Heritage
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