ACD La Hoya is Spanish Cultural and Sport association is based on the principles of cooperation, integration, environment protection, solidarity, humanity and universal human values and promotes an environment in which the community will be able to create, think, realize their ideas and build positions and reactions on important issues.

Develop activities in the rural community as art, sport and culture, also dedicated to the successful implementation and participation of European projects to bring the youth and senior Europe closer.

The main aim is to give the youth and community possibilities to spend their time (Sport, arts, workshops, Culture, Europe), to support bottom up initiatives of the community, improve social work and facilitate the integration of young people into society especially those of rural areas by involving them in our work, and encouraging their creative spirit that helps increasing youth participation in both local community and society in general.


Hodina H was establised in 2002, have over 200 members, over 30 volunteers, 3 sisters’ organisation working as its branches.

Hodina H has 17 years of international and intercultural experience as a coordinating, hosting and sending organisation for the international intercultural projects, adult educational project and volunteering projects at European level and within the partnership with other regions of the world.

Mission Hodina H is to get, elaborate and provide information to the community, to ensure in this way their right to have information, support permanent and sustainable learning and personal development, full-valued leisure time spending, to develop international cooperation, voluntarism, active participation, adult people and general public in the public happening, to assist and facilitate the citizens’ education. Special emphasis is put on the services for adults and young people with fewer opportunities.

Main fields of work of Hodina H are Information, Non-formal education, Volunteering, International cooperation and Personal development.


The association of social promotion Petit Pas was founded in Trani (BT) – Puglia – Italy, in 2015.

Petit Pas aims at the development of education, training and entrepreneurship of young people, women, migrants and the disabled in Puglia (IT) and abroad.

To achieve these goals Petit Pas has an ongoing collaboration with leading universities, schools, associations, NGO’s and research organisations in Puglia for the development of projects, training and educational material.

Petit Pas was born from the desire to help the NEETs of its territory in order to create a place of reactivation, development and support. In its headquarters (at a co-working space), Petit Pas helps newly graduated young people gain basic knowledge about entrepreneurial and employability skills required to make them job ready; such as CV writing skills, self-presentations and presentations skills in general; attending a winning interview; main aspects of leadership and team work, creativity, time management and project management.


Nordic European Mobility, hereinafter NEM, was born in December 2015 from an adult initiative with the mission of involving adult in the educational, cultural and social life of the communities they belong to.

NEM seeks for ensuring that adults are empowered to develop the skills and confidence to fully participate as active citizens in an inclusive society.

NEM firmly believes that an active and responsible involvement of adults into the social, cultural and educational life of their communities can be achieved through development programs and activities.

At the same time, we are convinced that the capability of adults to be very creative and spontaneous represents the key for a better future for Europe.

NEM aims all kind of people, no matter their gender, age or ethnic background. NEM is convinced that being exposed to different cultures and gaining knowledge on them is the best way to reach peace and a better understanding among people from different countries and backgrounds


Our organization was established in 2005. Our main target group is adults and youth, our organization’s aims is to develop and strengthen the community life in our village and we can achieve this goal the best through intergenerational learning in our opinion.

We are dealing with education management and adult education.

The main function of the Pimpimpáré is to focus on the opportunities adults and young people and to provide services that promote the expansion of the knowledge of them in the fields of community building, skills development, dealing with the impact of EU integration etc….

To achieve the objectives of the organization we encountered resources, carry out trainings, organize events and projects.

To achieve the objectives of the organization we work together public, social and economic organizations, associations to help the successful operation of the organization and its target groups.

We try to give a chance to everybody for personal development; that is why we organize a lot of different kinds of workshops, environmental programs, and discussions about healthy lifestyle, living consciously and green. In the meanwhile we pay attention to our traditions as well since the traditions

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